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Thai Basil

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Not to be confused with its Mediterranean cousin, Thai Basil stands taller with its gorgeous purple stems and sturdy leaves. It's not just a showpiece though! Thai Basil brings a hint of spice, considered more savoury, and has an almost licorice-like taste - a signature to many Southeast Asian and Chinese dishes. Because it has stronger leaves than regular Basil it can take a lot more heat, so you can add it whilst cooking rather than as a finishing touch. A perfect way to expand your home recipe book and a beautiful addition to your home garden.

•Approximately 110 seeds per packet

•100% Australian grown seeds

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Herbie Helper - Click on the Planting guide tab above for our complete guide to plant, grow and harvest your Thai Basil.

Seed Guarantee - Sometimes Mother Nature works in mysterious ways so if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them for free!

Soil: VermiSoil 

Nutrients: NutriGrow, mix 1 scoop to 1 litre of water 

Seeds per pot: Approximately 15-20 evenly spread  

Planting depth: Sow your seeds 2mm below the soil

Sprouting time: 7-14 days

Plant life: Up to 12 weeks

These guys are a little shy at first. Initially, the seeds will form a gel-like substance before sprouting little leaves, but give them some time and you'll see them start to flourish. Once fully grown, remove any flower buds that begin to appear and be sure to pick the leaves regularly to encourage more growth. They respond extremely well to it, and it also prevents the potential of them turning a little bitter.

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