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Peppermint's versatility is so vast, it's actually impossible to list them all! Use it to flavour dishes, desserts, drinks, and tea - you name it, Mint does it. it's unmistakable taste, freshness, and a wide array of health benefits makes it a must-have in any indoor garden. 

•Approximately 100 seeds per packet

•100% Australian grown seeds

•Free shipping

Herbie Helper - Click on the Planting guide tab above for our complete guide to plant, grow and harvest your Peppermint.

Seed Guarantee - Sometimes Mother Nature works in mysterious ways so if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them for free!

Soil: VermiSoil 

Nutrients: NutriGrow, mix 1 scoop to 1 litre of water 

Seeds per pot: Approximately 20-30 evenly spread  

Planting depth: Sow your seeds 1mm below the soil

Sprouting time: 7-21 days

Plant life: Up to 12 weeks

Mint is a little slow during the early stages, taking up 3 weeks before you may see sprouts. But - after this initial period, it will start to grow leaves quickly and flourish, and within 4 weeks you'll be able to start harvesting. Be careful with direct heat - if some of the stems grow high enough to touch the lamp, they will turn brown. Simply cut them off and new ones will grow.

  • 100% Australian owned & operated

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  • Seed Guarantee! if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them free of charge

  • NO pesticides, fungicides, hormones or harmful substances