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Natures undisputed superfood! Chocked full nutrients ranging from Vitamin C, to potassium, complex carbohydrates, and an incredibly high source of protein, Kale is the leafy green that keeps on giving. It's not just extremely healthy, it's delicious! A perfect accompaniment to meat dishes and salads alike. Even chuck a couple leaves in your morning smoothie if you want an extra boost to your day!

•Approximately 100 seeds per packet

•100% Australian grown seeds

•Free shipping

Herbie Helper - Click on the Planting guide tab above for our complete guide to plant, grow and harvest your Kale.

Seed Guarantee - Sometimes Mother Nature works in mysterious ways so if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them for free!

Soil: VermiSoil 

Nutrients: NutriGrow, mix 1 scoop to 1 litre of water 

Seeds per pot: Approximately 10-15 evenly spread  

Planting depth: Sow your seeds 10mm below the soil

Sprouting time: 7-14 days

Plant life: Up to 8 weeks

Kale is a pretty hearty little fella, so you'll notice some sprouts after one to two weeks without any assistance. As usual, harvesting can begin at one month, but be sure to pick the outer leaves first and work your way back to the middle. Or - alternatively harvest the whole plant in one go! Remember, harvesting should be fully complete after 8 weeks.

  • 100% Australian owned & operated

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  • Seed Guarantee! if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them free of charge

  • NO pesticides, fungicides, hormones or harmful substances