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Indoor Smart Garden

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Herbie Home is the easiest way to grow plants all year round. The traditional way of growing outdoors with regular potting soil has so many challenges such as time, energy, the environment and your convenience. We have simplified and eliminated these challenges with the Indoor Smart Garden. With up to 5x faster growth, low energy consumption, up to 90% less water used and all in a controlled environment, your home.

Note* - this listing is for the Indoor Smart Garden only. Indoor soils, Nutrients and seeds are not included. - You can find the whole kit HERE.

Herbie Helper - Click on the Planting guide tab above for our complete guide to set up and get growing.  

• Grow plants up to 5x faster
• NO pesticides, GMO, hormones or harmful substances
• Up to 90% less water than traditional growing methods 
• Self watering system with low water level indicator 
• 8w LED grow lights with an automatic timer - NO UV Light!
• Simple setup
• Modern Design
• Free shipping

Note* - This product does not come with grown plants, that part’s up to you!

Dimensions: Length - 26cm, Width - 10cm, Height - 38cm

Video setup guide coming soon!

1 - Unbox all the content and recycle as much of the packaging as you can.

2- Remove the top grid plates and the foam of the planter pots to expose your smart soil.

3- Plant your desired seeds to each pot to the depth on the packet. Only plant one type of plant in each pot and make sure to only grow fruiting/flowering plants with another fruiting/flowering plants. For a full planting guide head over to our seeds collection, select the type of plant you are growing and click on the “Planting Guide” tab to get all the info needed from sowing your seeds to harvesting you plant.

4- Grab a jug or any container you would like to mix the nutrients in but just make sure it can hold 1 litre of water. Add one scoop of nutrients into the jug and fill it with 1 litre of water. Stir the water and make sure all the nutrient powder dissolves (warm water helps). Remove one of the planter pots and fill Herbie Home with the nutrient-water tab marked inside “Fill to here”. (For your first fill it is ok for the water level to be just below the tab) Herbie Home will need refilling on average 2-3 weeks and will let you know when it needs refilling by beeping. Just repeat the mixing process above. Note* some plants require NutriBloom Nutrients later in the growing stages for the plant to flower or produce fruit Please check the planting guide on each plant to see if it requires NutriBloom and when to add it.

5- Reinstall the planter pot and let the smart soil do smart things which is sucking up water and evenly distributing the nutrient-water goodness.

6- Install the grow light by sliding it into the slot and adjust it to 90º. If your light is falling under its own weight just tighten the screws on the corner with a screwdriver.

7- Grab the power cord, plug the power into any standard powerpoint and the other end into your Herbie Home. Push the button on the end of the light to turn Herbie Home on 
Here are all the light functions-  

-First push = White reading light (always on)
-Second push = Red and white grow lights (always on)
-Third push = Off
-Holding the button for 3-seconds = 16hr timed red and white grow lights.

To activate the timer mode, you need to hold down the light button for 3 seconds. The timer will automatically cycle on for 16 hours and switch off for 8 hours. After the 16 hour 'on' cycle has completed and the lights turn off, the push button will flash blue letting you know that the 'off' cycle is activated. The timer function is continuous until you either push the button again or turn the unit off.

8- Wooooo! You are now growing! Please make sure to check out the planting guide for each plant on our seeds collections page HERE. Some seeds take up to 28days to sprout. 

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Growth through the gloom

I love getting up each morning and turning on Herbie Home growing lights. It brightens my kitchen and my day

  • 100% Australian owned & operated

  • FREE Shipping on all orders Australia wide

  • Seed Guarantee! if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them free of charge

  • NO pesticides, fungicides, hormones or harmful substances