About us

Herbie Home is an Australian based company with all products being sent from our Melbourne office.

But how did we get here? How did Herbie Home come about?

Well It's undeniable that our society is becoming incredibly fast-paced.

We live in a world where our need for convenience outweighs the need for quality and sustainability.

We at HerbieHome believe the one area of our lives most affected by this, is ironically the most important and least focused on - healthy food.

Walking through your local supermarket, you're bombarded with genetically modified vegetables, fruits sprayed with pesticides grown from chemically tested seeds, and flavourless herbs sitting in single-use plastic bags and packaging.

The alternative, of course, is to grow your own food. But few people have the time or space for a home garden.

So what's the solution you ask?

Herbie Home provides you with the ability to grow organic, flavourful herbs, and vegetables all year round in the simplest way possible.