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Here’s how to grow indoors with Herbie Home

Just a few easy steps!

  • Add seeds to soil

  • Add water and nutrients

  • Plug it in and turn on the light

  • Grow your plants!

  • 100% Australian owned & operated

  • FREE Shipping on all orders Australia wide

  • Seed Guarantee! If your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them free of charge

  • NO pesticides, fungicides, hormones or harmful substances

Why you need an Indoor Smart Garden

●Self watering with in-built low water alarm ●Timed grow lights ● Up to 5x faster growth ● Uses up to 90% less water ● Long lasting fresh herbs ● Works all year round!

  • What is happening on the inside

    Herbie Home has sophisticated water absorbing technology that will never leave your plants thirsty.  Inside every pot are 4 cotton strips cleverly placed in the corners, sucking up water and nutrients. This allows for it to be evenly dispersed throughout and thus, feeding your seeds. This process is continuous from when your seeds are first planted, all the way until they’re fully grown.

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  • Inspired by NASA technology

    Herbie Home is free of conventional soil and potting mix. Instead, we use a growing medium called Smart Soil, designed to be completely mess-free. Unlike regular soil, Smart Soil will not only retain more water, but actually helps the water spread evenly so your seeds, plants and roots have a regular supply of nutrients at all times. The constant supply speeds up the entire growing process, all while giving your plants a comfortable, sturdy home to grow and breathe. 

    Pretty smart, hey?

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  • Bring the Sun inside

    Plants don’t just need sunlight or UV to grow. Herbie Home uses specialized 8W LED grow lights that are low heat, and use a full spectrum of blue, red and white light that will allow your plants to grow at the highest efficiency. Herbie Home even has an automated timer to make sure your lights turn on and off at the right moments making growing your indoor garden as simple as it can get.

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