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We all know lettuce right? You've seen it in everything from salads to burgers. It's that big, leafy, happy green guy you find everywhere! I bet you didn't know lettuce actually has some impressive health benefits too - its been proven to lower cholesterol, work as an antioxidant, and even can help with anxiety! Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K, this little guy has more than meets the eye.

•Approximately 115 seeds per packet

•100% Australian grown seeds

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Herbie HelperClick on the Planting guide tab above for our complete guide to plant, grow and harvest your Lettuce.

Seed Guarantee - Sometimes Mother Nature works in mysterious ways so if your seeds don't sprout, we will replace them for free! 

Soil: VermiSoil 

Nutrients: NutriGrow, mix 1 scoop to 1 litre of water 

Seeds per pot: Approximately 10-15 evenly spread  

Planting depth: Sow your seeds 6mm below the soil

Sprouting time: 7-14 days

Plant life: Up to 5 weeks

As you'd expect, the early stages of growth for your Lettuce is fairly normal at first. Expect them to start sprouting within one to two weeks. But - it is a little sensitive to heat and will produce a lot more growth if grown in between 18°C to 22°C. If the temperature remains higher, it will slow the germination process and it may even start to bolt. It's best to harvest the plant all at once around 30-35 days, otherwise, they will begin to lose flavour and nutrients.

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